How to Improve Your Woodworking Skills

Improving your woodworking skills takes dedication. In reality, most woodworkers spend decades mastering their trade.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few shortcuts.

For starters, woodworking is a learn-by-doing field. The more you build – the faster you’ll improve. Want to learn how to build a Shaker rocking chair? Then build one!

So how can you get better faster? Steal this secret

4 Skills Every Woodworker Must Master

There are skills that every woodworker needs to know (one of which is high-quality, step-by-step plans). Learning these can take a lifetime of difference. Here are four things you need to learn:

  • Shop Safety – You want to build beautiful wooden furniture – not visit the ER. Woodworking equipment can be dangerous within knowledge of safe use. As you get started, be sure you learn safety tips!
  • Understanding Wood Types – How do hardwoods behave compared to softwoods? What are the benefits to using cherry over mahogany? Woodworking isn’t just about learning how to use tools. You also need in-depth knowledge of the materials you will be using.
  • Hand Tools and Power Tools – Start collecting hand tools and power tools right now! And learn how to use type. Don’t fret if you can’t afford all the tools you want. Most woodworkers build their collections over many years.
  • High-Quality Plans – Whether you’re a novice or a long-time carpenter, your archive of blueprints is the single most important “tool” in your workshop. Great plans help you build beautiful furniture and improve your skills. Invest in high-quality blueprints!

Get 16,000+ Blueprints and Start Learning Your Trade!

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The collection includes:

  • Detailed instructions for 1,000s of projects – furniture, decks, gazebos, birdhouses, doghouses, cabinets, and much more.
  • Detailed Diagrams – 3D diagrams to make sure you fit those joints properly.
  • Photos and Videos – See step-by-step photos of projects coming together.

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